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Some of my photos

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cactus on an wooden table
Big cactus on a wooden table.

This cactus was a birthday gift from one of my sisters in law. I managed to keep it alive for several years now. I think it is just beautiful. I have used this cactus a lot as a photo model.


black gate to an orchard
Blackened wooden gate to an orchard.

I was biking on a cold but sunny day early spring and saw this gate. The fruit trees are still bare but will start to blossom soon. The shape of the pointed gate was just so nice to see against the clear blue sky.


wooden clothes peg
Three wooden clothes pegs on a row

Don’t you just love the shape of these simple wooden clothespins? Such a great product that has been around for so long. Whenever possible I  prefer to dry the laundry outside. That smell of freshly dried towels!

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